Business Builder Consulting

Utilizes up to all 5 core strategies for fast business growth. This program is for cash flowing businesses (positive or negative) that need rapid business growth to increase revenues and financing opportunities.

Program features:

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Qualifications are: 2 years or more in business, revenues of at least $250,000 a year and must be located in the U.S. or Canada

S.U.B.S (StartUp Business Solutions) Consulting

Starting a new business can be  avery long and hard road to travel down without the proper resources, financing, guidance and focus. We offer a pacakged solution at a very affordable rate to help you in all areas of your startup journey including fast tracking the process by helping you ACQUIRE CASH FLOWING BUSINESSES that you can use to supplement your primary business goals

We provide:

The Sales Manager Program

For a fraction of the cost of a full time sales manager (which can range from $50K to 75K plus team override commissions and bonuses) let us provide you with a convenient and affordable sales management solution. For the low cost of only $2,000 a month plus an override team production commission of 5% to 10% you can receive all of the following:

The Family Plan - Financial ,Credit and Business Strategy Session for Families

What’s covered:


To provide a workable plan that each family can execute to help the individual members and the family as a whole through the application of cooperative economics to ensure generational wealth


Enrollment via the intake form, execution of a services agreement, payment and scheduling of the session which can be done in person at a family location depending on size or via Google Meet. Scheduling is done 3 weeks out from executing of agreement to give people enough time to gather all of the required documents which must be submitted no later the 1 week before the meeting. Documents must be redacted of any personal data such as social security numbers, card numbers or account numbers.

The provided information will be for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered financial or legal advise. Please consult licensed financial and legal professionals regarding the best application of the provided education.

Rapid Business Growth Coaching

The Rapid Business Growth Coaching Program is centered around the same 5 core rapid growth strategies used in our flagship program The Business Builder which are:

Generally speaking,there are specific strategies that will only work for your specific type of business/industry so those are the ones that will be the focus of the coaching sessions and the resources we recommend to you to utilize in concert with the coaching to receive the promised maximum result. Due to availability these sessions are group sessions with the following maximums per group: 15 Silver 10 Gold 5 Platinum for each semi annual (or annual) cycle.

*Financial performance guarantees are based on industry type, current business size, location, and the requirement to follow all coaching as provided using only resources recommended when recommended without delay or modification or the performance guarantee will become voided.

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Silver Program



Gold Program



Platinum Program



Request our Ala Carte Electronic Brochure for customized offerings not listed. Also, we no longer handle purely financing request/ projects without completion of a business evaluation ($1,250)  If you are enrolled in a coaching or consulting program listed above, financing sourcing is included.

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